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What is the worst thing that parents can say to their children?

It is..."We do so much for you. Can you not do this for us?" (The 'so much' here refers to providing the children with food, clothing and a place to stay.)

Dear parents, your children did not apply to be born. You brought them into the world without asking them. The 'so much' that you are talking about is your duty, at least till they complete their education.

This is not to belittle what the parents do for the children. BUT, DO NOT use it as a bargaining chip. DO NOT use it to induce guilt into your children.

You will damage them in ways that you cannot even imagine.

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Someone in the office asked me, "Do you drive your own car to work?"

Well, I wouldn't mind driving other people's cars to work. But I don't think they will be very happy about it. 😃

It is said that 'To be old and wise you first have to be young and stupid.'

The young and old will happen on it's own with the passage of time. It is the STUPID that you need to work on.

If you are old and not wise enough, it means that you have not been stupid enough in the young age.

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Things that you can't buy with money: -

Matress for the sea bed.

Earrings for the corn ear.

Buttons for a coat of paint.

Wings for the jail bird.

Tap for the river basin.

A bow for the arrow of time.

Nowadays, everyone is debating about work from home (WFH), work from office (WFO) and work from anywhere (WFA). I have gone past this question a long time back.

I have more important things on my mind like...

1. To work or to not work.

2. How to avoid working.

3. How to get someone else to do my work.

And most importantly...

Why work?

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Ask yourself, "Do I really love the person I claim to love? OR do I love the image of what I think they should be?"

Chances are that you may end up regretting any and every decision you make in life. It is quite possible that on the deathbed, everyone spends their last moments with regret.

That is ok.

Just make sure that you choose the things that you regret carefully.

Difference between driving / climbing upslope vs downslope.

Upslope, gravity is like your ex. It tries to pull you down and you work against it, clear and simple.

Downslope, it is like being married to gravity. You want to work with it and come down BUT on your terms and at your speed.
(Downslope and marriage, is it a coincidence?)🤔🤔

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As a parent, what is the best thing you can do for your children?
Let them be the best of what they are. Do not impose your idea of what they are or should be. Do not make them live your insecurities.

If you can't do this, do the next best thing for them... Don't bring them into the world.

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Life in school would have been much better, had it not been for all the studies.