A world to share my thoughts...please do feel with me....we can travel together...to the world of peace and bliss.

We are humans, utmost souls,
We breathe an agile air.
We are ones with precise goals,
Earnest with our share.

As utmost beings on planet earth,
We make some choices bright.
We dismantle those towers of mirth,
Which spoke of noble light.

We cut through woods to barren soil,
We build our foppish tombs.
We smile with causes in turmoil,
Roasting mother's wombs.

We are beings with utmost thoughts,
We have framed our ways.
We have made those contrived bots,
To make us savour the days.


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How brute those summer skies,
Through the sunny lane.
Walked amidst repulsive cries,
From the ones in pain.
The darkness with a sullen face,
Strolled in mortal earth.
Rain filled chunks of northern grace,
Caused new foliage birth.
Once again the skies are black,
Scarlet tinge has gone.
Rhymes of droplets filling cracks,
The sun stands all alone.
Worthy rays of scorn and rage,
Walks a mile behind.
Now these clouds adorn the stage,
With a tranquil mind.
Drops of hope has yet again,
Brought a million smiles.
Holy drops of monsoon rain,
Flux throughout the miles.

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Life with a smile

Life is a garden land,
With miles of blooming roses.
Somewhere high and grand,
Somewhere in feeble poses.

Life is a journey long,
Mixed with smile and pain.
Cherish the way you belong,
In this world of men.

Life is a platform high,
We do act in ways.
Differing roles we try,
Through these biotic days.

Life is a running train,
We get to see more places.
New people come in then,
With varrying minds and faces.

We speak to some with smile,
And for some we frown.
Till the end of mile,
Where each of them gets down.

And then one day will come,
We have reached the end.
Only a few or some,
Might still be our friend.

The train will blow a horn,
The final land is here.
Now they'll come to adorn,
With roses of our share.

Smile, smile and smile,
Life is a tour of fun.
At the end of mile,
No longer you can run.

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Be the one who seeks for knowledge,
Not for trivial bliss.
Come let's take the strongest pledge,
To strive for global peace.

Each of us are qualified,
To raise a brawny voice.
For those mortals who have died,
To fight for mother's choice.

Let us seek a mighty move,
To call up each a men.
Breaking through the sinful groove,
We'll barge inside the den.

We are noble, qualified,
We can bring a change.
Arise, arise Oh Indian Pride,
Nothing is beyond our range.


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Quickly all those quicker men,
Rushed to get their shares.
Limited stocks Limited pain,
Uttered the white faced bears.

The stall for souls were opened up wide,
Bears were selling lives.
Freshly departed humans stride,
To gain the best of vibes.

Separate stalls for different tales,
How they died and left.
The stalls had rooms to check the mails,
And locks to prevent theft.

One by one those lanky souls,
Were called inside the stall.
First they spoke of broken goals,
Then they chose a ball.

Balls were red, green, yellow pink,
You can lift anyone.
No time to blink, wink or think,
Untill the job is done.

Different paints had different tales,
A game of luck by chance.
Some can make you mighty whales,
Some can make you dance.

Snowy bears from heaven's abode,
Stood there with their list.
One by one they matched the code,
Amidst the airy mist.

Quickly come and get a ball,
Gain a life of choice.
The fast you come, the fast they call,
They fast you hear a voice.


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These days I dont speak much,
I dont mix with people around.
I chose to stay quiet as such,
Ignorant of each sound.

I got to realize the crude thing,
Men do feel from their own heights.
Useless quarrels O Human being,
Will get you into lethal fights.

I chose to speak less listen more,
No foes will ever harm.
Unwanted voices? Let's ignore,
They will fetch me no more charm.

Being quiet is the best I do,
Living the way I love.
Reading more and writing through,
The wings of turtle dove.

My lips are window to the globe,
I can speak my way.
Will I ever rule the lobe-
That illumes my neighbour's day?

I can rule my mind and soul,
I can shut my lips.
This will give me a blissful goal,
My favourite morning tips.


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Let those men with precious souls,
Live a life of pride.
Make them feel what they are,
And sense the one inside.
They fight each day to keep us safe,
They fight in sweat and blood.
They keep us warm in chilly frosts,
And help us when in flood.
They walk a thousand miles to fight,
The war to save our pride.
They yell in agony yet no grief,
Few bullets do tear inside.
Stout and strong these precious souls,
Bear the pelted stones.
Yet no fear can bring them down,
They stand with broken bones.
They stand erect to make them bleed,
Who abuses our soil.
Despite loads of painful sores,
They dwell amidst turmoil.
Pray for them, these precious lives,
Had slept beneath the earth.
They bled in pain and yet they fought,
To save the land of birth.
Take a moment O humans dear,
Come and show some love.
They are precious souls of grace,
Place them all above.


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Nihilism is the form of thought,
That describes peaceful souls.
Nothing, no matter had ever evolved,
That speaks of physical goals.
World is empty peaceful ball,
Knowledge of peace is what we call
An art of humans, credible true,
Like a drop of grassland dew.
Peaceful vibes can come and say,
It's another peaceful day.
It's another peaceful morn,
Where no being has ever lived,
No mortal body ever conceived
It is the land of peaceful soil,
A land with no feud no turmoil.
Grace has wrote the lines of prose,
Only gust of air came close.
To speak of nihilist, perplexed though,
In this world, no life can grow.


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