Former sr. scientist, centl. govt. R&D lab.150 papers, 8 books (UK-1, USA-7), 320 poems (Traffold, US-1,, AMZ 7 ebooks, many awards/certificates, 2 gold medals, one techno shield. Have B.E., M.E., Ph.D. in EE. Was emeritus prof-RIT, consultant in Aerosp. dept., IISc., Bangalore, Sr. R&D adv-Gov. Engg. College, Kannur, Guided 11 students for Ph.D's. Is in the Stanford Univ list of top 2 percent researchers in the world for 2019, In the list of 100 top downloded MB authors in 2021.

In the entire universe, i.e. the cosmos, what we really know is only 5% of the matter/universe; the 27% is 'dark matter', we know that it must be existing (there are some evidences!), but we cannot see this;
And the remaining 68% is the dark energy; this part of the universe is unknown.

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If you go much deeper into a problem, and have solved it to a certain level of satisfaction, then you have swam across a river.

Man (in fact his/her mind) is like a huge shop, and is locked by his tongue,
when the lock opens, then only you will know,
if the shop is full of gold or garbage.
(From quotes in Gujarati).

Mostly, we go wrong if we do the following things:
1. Give promises when we are in good mood, and happy,
2. We reply when we are in anger,
3. We take decisions when we are sad.
(Ramified from quotes in English).
Avoid such actions.

Whatever might be the relationship, it is only the concurrence of thoughts that is the basis of such good bondage.
(From quotes in Hindi).

It had already been said in Bhagavat Gita, that knowledge is the highest kind of yoga;

others being: hathhayoga, bhaktiyoga, and karma yoga.

nowadays we talk of knowledge discovery in the so called information age/era, the new yug.

information and knowledge are some kind of duals, but the latter is considered as of higher level.

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If we are in tune with the eternity, then, even if we are involved, we are not caught up in the whirlpool of confusion.

We should not allow our past memories and bad experiences to clutter our present beautiful moments; this present would become past, and that spoilt past should not be carried now;

In the process, we would not be able to concentrate on the planning of the near future;

If this habit continues, then all our tenses are affected adversely, the correction of which would take lot of effort on our part.

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There are scores of potentialities floating and waiting around you,

you should grab a few of them,

and triumph with them,

if you are not awake and alert,

you lose them, and when you see others trying them, you might repent.

If you do beautiful things and deeds,

then you don't need anybody's attention,

like a magnet, they will be attracted to you,

if they don't, you need not worry,

you are not the loser, they are the losers.