PERSONALITY OF JAMMU,INDIA NAME: Sahaj Sabharwal He loves writing poems and thoughts. He lives in Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India. His date of birth is 17th March,2002 . He has been awarded many awards in poem writing at State level, National and international level. He was also selected to be invited for the INTERNATIONAL WRITERS MEETING IN TARIJA and HUNGARY,EUROPE. He was awarded with the INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN WRITING and INTERNATIONAL MERIT CERTIFICATE IN WRITING

ज़िंदगी तो मौत का एकमात्र खाना है,
मजबूरी मे, आज नही तो कल सबको निगल जाना है।
इंसान का काम तो मेहनत कर, जीवन सजाना है,
तब भी थमना नही साथियों, किसी का पेट भर, पुण्य काम कर, कारण तो केवल एक बहाना है।
- Sahaj Sabharwal, Jammu city, J&K, India

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You are behind every carefully checked step of my life,
Along with my mother who is your wife.
Without your help I was not able to work rife,
And my life would resemble cutting pebble with blunt knife.

Every step of mind is under the supervision of your eyes,
While taking decisions,  you are so wise.
Following your advice ,
My performance subsequently rise.

You fulfilled every requirement of mine,
Even before it was demanded my cine.
You provided me healthy, delicious meal even before you dine,
For me you have made everything fine.

I am so glad,
By God's grace, to have such a great dad.
In your presence, no one can feel sad,
And what you want from me is just a tad.

Now it's time to make you feel proud, 
That's all my inner voice saying so loud.
And also in a peaceful, royal place away from huge crowd, 
After all, making a confidently, relaxed rout.

-Sahaj Sabharwal  
( Author of Book "Poems by Sahaj Sabharwal" )
-Jammu city, 
Jammu and Kashmir, India .
©All Rights Reserved
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" Forceful building of talent in an inept person is real characteristic of NEPOTISM "

- Sahaj Sabharwal


The most necessary step taken in the whole town,
To prevent Corona Virus, is the lockdown.

It is for our own good,
To stop Corona Virus, Governments of different countries took steps to the extent they could.

Covid 19 emerges as a big threat,
Having symptoms as dry cough, high fever and shortness of breath. 

The best way is to self isolate,
No doubt, remaining at home only, everyone hates.
The precautionary steps, we need to concentrate,
To keep this fatal virus out of our gate.

Some people take Corona Virus as a source of laughter,
Doing nothing but being a hafter.
Making memes and jokes on it, thereafter, 
But only one person, in form of God, save patients, as a doctor.

During such a long lockdown everyone gets bored,
While some careless and unlettered people being untutored,
Use unfair means to go out and all precautions, they just ignored,
Due to them only, number of Corona patients get high scored.

As no one has any alternative, 
During lockdown, could not meet friend or relative.

Some people get to know their hidden talent and do something creative, 
While other search vacancies and ways to get rid of this virus with respect to their nation, being native.

Following every advice of the concerned authorities and experts carefully, 
Then, it is guranteed that there will be no problem as such balefully. 

- Sahaj Sabharwal
- Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India. 
Pin code -: 180001
©All Rights Reserved
Phone -: +917780977469

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When everyone is there, concerned with their own lives,
Only they are here with me,
Not concerned about themselves,
But with my life only.

When everyone is against me,
Only they are with me,
And as they believe me and know me well ,
Are enough against any number of people against me,
And also prove me,
Transforming all people to be in favour of me.

When everyone hate me,
And have hatred for me,
Their love is enough to heal me,
And even making them to love me.

When everyone fires on me with their weapons,
They emerges as a magical invisible shield,
Not worried about themselves,
But safe guarding me only.

When everyone break my heart,
And I am just to die,
They become my heart line,
And blessing me to live cheerful long life.

When everyone make fun of me ,
Which discourages me,
They improve and motivate me,
And tell me my drawbacks,
Which everyone notices,
But enjoys scene as their source of laugh and enjoyment.

When everyone watches the end, final result,
It only I know,
Their hardwork behind me,
And the appreciation which they deserve and not me.

Who am I ?
I am just a new one,
They are experenced,
But noone can imagine how will I emerge in future,
But they are indulged in me only,
Doing everything for me, more than they can.

With the grace of God,
Really they are mine,
A great salute to them for their contributions for me,
And I am blessed to be their son,
My life is fine with them only.

- Sahaj Sabharwal
- Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India.
Pin code -: 180001
©All Rights Reserved
Phone -: +917780977469

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Once upon a time, there was a young, 12 years old boy, named Bampu . He was fond of wild animals and had a visit to a zoo twice a week . He loved all the animals and even take care of street dogs, cows and buffaloes. His dream was  to have  a  pet animal at his own home too. He was a pure vegan and avoid all animal products. He got a gift pet dog on his 13th Birthday from his parents. His happiness, excitement and thankfulness was having no limit . He took care of the dog just like  caring a newly born baby .

One day , when he was sleeping,  a bear ran from the zoo and came in the balcony of his home. Suddenly , he woke up and went outside to see the strange noise. He was shocked to see the bear and shouted loudly . As soon as his parents woke up and came outside, the bear hold him in his hands and put him on his back and started running so fast . The boy at first got afraid but after some time , the boy noticed that the bear was taking care of him . The bear took him to a jungle tour. Bampu was very much happy to have that enjoyable ride. When they reached jungle, the boy saw thousands of animals gathered there at one particular place . The bear started introducing everyone in detail and characteristics of all the animals. The boy shaked hands with every animal and they were gathered only to thank Bampu for his wonderful contribution to wildlife at that very young age and awarded him with the beautiful bracelet and a big basket of beautiful natural fruits. And then everyone stood up to give respect to the king Lion .

Lion also blessed him and appreciated him and told him to teach this valuable lesson to all the humans also. After the event , the boy enjoyed tasty meals there and after two days , the told the bear that he wanted to go back to home now because his parents were worried about him .So, told every animal "Bye, Bye ! " And then the bear took him safely to his home and told him to take care .

 That was a wonderful experience for Bampu and he was so much motivated too.His parents were searching for him in the whole town and felt so much relaxed when they saw him back and then he told the whole story to them of this adventure and requested his friends to "Save Wildlife". 

Moral -: We must Save and take care of  Wildlife Sahaj Sabharwal ( 17 years old )

Delhi Public School, 

Jammu , Jammu and Kashmir, India. 

Pin code -: 180001

Phone -: +917780977469


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