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ghost bites

The past is a ghost,

The future is a dream,

And all we have is now.


Darling Dear I would like to become your lifetime Host (as Vikram)
Provided that you will become my lifelong #Ghost (as Betal)

-Hiren Bhatt (©એમજદિલથી )

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#Ghost ભૂત. ભૂત પ્રેત જેવું કાંઇ હોતું નથી , મનનું વહેમ હાેય છે,એ ફક્ત કાલ્પનિક છે.તેનું કોઈ અસ્તિત્વ જ નથી.

#Ghost . Just Believe in God He is the creator of the whole Universe but not Ghost.


कच्चे धागे कभी मज़बूत नहीं होते..
कबूतरों से अच्छे दूत नहीं होते

तूने खुद ख़ौफ़ पैदा कर रखा है
बेनाम ये आत्मा होती है
आदमी की भूत नहीं होते.....


History is Like a #Ghost .

It is as Dead as Alive.


“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

If you Believe in God
Then you must Believe in #Gosht