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The most necessary step taken in the whole town,
To prevent Corona Virus, is the lockdown.

It is for our own good,
To stop Corona Virus, Governments of different countries took steps to the extent they could.

Covid 19 emerges as a big threat,
Having symptoms as dry cough, high fever and shortness of breath. 

The best way is to self isolate,
No doubt, remaining at home only, everyone hates.
The precautionary steps, we need to concentrate,
To keep this fatal virus out of our gate.

Some people take Corona Virus as a source of laughter,
Doing nothing but being a hafter.
Making memes and jokes on it, thereafter, 
But only one person, in form of God, save patients, as a doctor.

During such a long lockdown everyone gets bored,
While some careless and unlettered people being untutored,
Use unfair means to go out and all precautions, they just ignored,
Due to them only, number of Corona patients get high scored.

As no one has any alternative, 
During lockdown, could not meet friend or relative.

Some people get to know their hidden talent and do something creative, 
While other search vacancies and ways to get rid of this virus with respect to their nation, being native.

Following every advice of the concerned authorities and experts carefully, 
Then, it is guranteed that there will be no problem as such balefully. 

- Sahaj Sabharwal
- Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India. 
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TEACHER - Our Future Maker
Giving us knowledge of something is a teacher,
Having an inbuilt experience feature.

A good teacher teaches us by heart,
And prays God for our peart.

A teacher helps us in developing our mind,
In such a way that is very kind.

A teacher teaches us tricks to achieve our goal,
And warns us to remain careful to avoid any thole.

Without the help of a teacher, we cant work rife,
And many difficulties will appear in our life.

In this vast world, they are teachers and parents only ,on whom we can rely,
They always keep on us their eye.

And we are confident that they never tell a lie,
They gives us blessings so that we can fly high.

That's why , Parents are our caretaker,
And teachers are our future maker.
-Sahaj Sabharwal
-Jammu city,
Jammu and Kashmir, India .

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Night dream is just a virtual world,

Till it is boundless and not bold.

A good night dream,

Resembles a fresh, white, well toned cream.

Sleeping in tranquil night,

Aiming to achieve the goal at any height.

To get real success in any field,

Even night dream works to provide us the courage to yield.

In the mind of a stakeholder,

Mostly the goal got the platform and support as a strengthened shoulder.

Just hardwork and luck can help us achieving aim,

Which is just a night dream which has now been achieved and not just fame.

-Sahaj Sabharwal
-Jammu city,
Jammu and Kashmir, India .

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