Poem of Love

A million stars up in the sky,
One shines brighter, I know why
My love for you is unconditional,
Your feelings for me is nutritional

Feeling of love is so precious and true,
That kind of love comes from me to you
All these feelings for you in my heart I just can't hide,
My heart feels so much love, just being by your side

Thoughts of you, blossom love in my heart,
I can't bear the pain when we are apart.
But I am promising you one thing oh my dear,
You'll always be in my heart

Till death do us apart

English Shayri by Parth Toroneel : 111034434
Hetal 10 months ago

Nice 👍😊

Dipali Sarvaiya Doshi 4 years ago

death never do any1 apart ..death makes yr love story legend dear

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