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Hello My Loves... ❤❤ Don't forget to read my new chapter tomorrow.. Will wait for your reviews

#staywithme #newchapter #update

MITTAL RAVAL 1 month ago

Sorry dear.. I couldn't submit on time.. I will try hard to publish on Saturday.. sorry again..😔😔

dhananjay kharabe 2 months ago

Okayy ... waiting ❤️🤗

MITTAL RAVAL 2 months ago

Hey so sorry dear actually I wanted to publish it today but something came up and I couldn't submit.. so I will try to publish on Tuesday...😔

dhananjay kharabe 2 months ago

When are you publishing next chapter...🥺😔🥺

MITTAL RAVAL 2 months ago

No.. dear.. I won't quit..🤞 yeah I am writing next chapter.. so you will definitely get the whole story.. 😊🙃😊

dhananjay kharabe 2 months ago

Heyy don't you dare to quit this novel without completing... atleast bring nomaan tuli together, let us know her father's secret, let nomaan punish ruhi (introduce nomaan's DEVIL 'S side whom he shows to them who hurt his loved ones ) if only you planned ☺️... And finally blesss them with twins plzzzz in epilogue...i really really hope this at the end .... Let tuli be a great successful artist .... Complete it in 2-3 ch as you said ......as simple and then finally you can get rid of us..❤️🥺💫

MITTAL RAVAL 2 months ago

Thank you yaar.. 😇

Dhananjay Kharabe 2 months ago

waiting n excited ......

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