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party bites

if we have no other choice against critical conditions then listen what's political parties leaders are announce...

The Greatest Good
We Can Do Our Country Is To Heal
Its Party Divisions And Make Them One People...

No party,
Totally lock down,
in whole country,
but family party,

Life is a party; sometimes we may not have great company but look around and find your reason of joy. Cribbing won't help any which way.


કોઈપણ પક્ષને તેની બહુમતી નહિ પણ વિચારધારાને આધારે મૂલવવો જોઈએ..
-Reshma Kazi
વીસ માળની ઈમારતનો પાયો જ કાચો હોય તો તેને નેસ્તનાબૂદ થતાં વાર નથી લાગતી.