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I Wish You Could Understand...!

" I wish you could understand ! that my heart is still in love for you even though you have betrayed me, my soul has been deceived by you. I never wanted to fall in love, but just for your happiness I broke my promise to myself.
So that I can give you infinite Holy Love so that your restless mind and heart can be relieved.
I considered you. I gave you love, respect and time but you just cheated me every time only and always made false promises to me.
I wish you could understand what true love is, then you never leave me alone.
I wish you could understand ! How much I love you, so maybe you never make me cry, don't bother me. But sorry you couldn't understand me and my love for you. Maybe that's why y're away from me.
But I tell the truth, if y're happy to be away from me then how is the complainant !
And now if I don't see you happy then how is the love !
I want you to be happy always, good luck to you dear.
And now I'm never in your destiny, I'll be sad for the whole life that.....
I wish you could understand !

-- Shreya "PSYCHO"

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