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quiet bites

Sometimes you just have to stay quiet,
because no words can explain what's
going on in your mind and heart..


As Lotus do not lose the beauty while living in the mud.
We should stay calm in trouble.
Mahek parwani


She was scared
It had to be travelled
All alone in the
Lull of night.

She entered her street
Which was so dark
She had known that
There roamed human sharks.

At the middle
She heard footsteps
She almost froze
And hid in some gaps.

After a while
There was no sound
But for the bark
Of a neighbour's hound.

Her own steps were
Reason of her plight
She had heard echo
As the street was QUIET!!

These days I dont speak much,
I dont mix with people around.
I chose to stay quiet as such,
Ignorant of each sound.

I got to realize the crude thing,
Men do feel from their own heights.
Useless quarrels O Human being,
Will get you into lethal fights.

I chose to speak less listen more,
No foes will ever harm.
Unwanted voices? Let's ignore,
They will fetch me no more charm.

Being quiet is the best I do,
Living the way I love.
Reading more and writing through,
The wings of turtle dove.

My lips are window to the globe,
I can speak my way.
Will I ever rule the lobe-
That illumes my neighbour's day?

I can rule my mind and soul,
I can shut my lips.
This will give me a blissful goal,
My favourite morning tips.


If you can't be kind,
be quiet...

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