To 'him whose love I have been longing for',

As I was on my way back home in a cab this afternoon, struck in the midst of the traffic, I spotted a vendor with some bouquets of red roses while some others of pink or yellow roses.

I smiled at the beautiful flowers wrapped in white. The vendor happened to notice my interest and hurried to my cab. He insisted me through the glass to buy one.

I wish I bought one for you...❤


Then I realized that you just can't feel the same way despite all those months of sweet and memorable interactions between us...

How I wish you loved me!
How I wish we were together!
How I wish I came in a red gown and gifted you the red bouquet!
How I wish you knelt in front of me with the very same red bouquet!
How I wish you received my heart instead of rejecting it right away!
How I wish you showered me, instead of her, with immense love!

I promise none can love you more than me❤

How I wish you then said 'I love you!!!' to me and hugged me tight in tears of happiness!

Hear me, my honey, I still love and will always do....Can you please love me as a gentleman, my love?😢

English Microfiction by Nithyashree V : 111834337

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