“An Athlete’s Life”

An athlete‘s career is the shortest. You don’t get to play the sport you love for more than 12 to 15 years, there are very few in the world that are able to play their sports for more than 12 to 15 years. If you are a professional athlete consider yourself blessed, specially if it’s in India a country with 1.39 billion people. There are millions of people in the world who want to be professional athletes, but only few 1 to 2% of them end up being professional athlete. The journey of becoming a professional athlete is full of failures with lots of sacrifices.

An athlete fights everything throughout his career, the pain of not getting rewarded for years, the pain of staying away from family and friends, the pain of having a different lifestyle, the pain of numerous injuries, an athlete does it all for the love of the sport. Even if you were a great athlete in the past, no one cares, not even people from your industry, you have got to prove yourself everyday. People judge you from the day they see you play; if you are going through a good phase in your career everyone will support and believe in you, if you are going through a bad one, they will not like you from the day they see you play.

This one’s for all athlete’s as a kid when you started playing the sport you love, all you wanted to do was play the sport till your last breath, if God has been kind to you and blessed you with what you dreamed off, let’s be true to the dream. Good or bad days, keep going you are 100%,that’s all you’ve got to do to sleep well at night. One day all of it will be over, you won’t be able to play the sport you love ever. - © Jatin Tyagi

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