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ગત રામનવમી એ લખાયેલ આ આર્ટીકલ આજે પણ એ જ અર્થ સાથે એટલો જ પ્રસ્તુત લાગે છે એટલે નવા જોડાયેલા વ્હાલા વાચકો સાથે ફરી એકવખત શેયર કરી રહી છું...

રામ નામ આપનાં અંતરને પૂર્ણ પ્રકાશિત રાખવામાં મદદ કરે તેવી કામના સહ... 🌺🙏

મને પરત લખવાનું તેમજ પ્રોત્સાહિત કરવાનું ચૂકશો નહીં ને? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✍️

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No body can
increase & decrease,
your value "Geeta"
without you.

Prem_222 :

#value .....

क्या मूल्य था हमारा उनकी जिंदगी में आज ये सवाल खुद से करते है।।
बहक से गये थे उनकी बातों में ये सोच कर हर पल मरते है।।
न कीमत हुई महोब्बत की,न कदर मिली वफ़ा की।।
कभी सुना था जो महोब्बत के बदले मिलती है महोब्बत आज उन बातों से नफरत करते है।।


Sharing my recent experience which made me feeling patriotic throughout the day.

We were on a one-day trip, exploring riverbank and streams of Vatrak river near Dahegam, Gujarat.

It was a rainy day and lush greenery with rocks were creating magnificent views that soothing our souls and eyes.

We saw a group of young boys who were, like us, came to enjoy the nature in beautiful rainy monsoon morning.

We were seating on solid rock of riverbank and thinking about influence of nature in our lives like singing, writing, meditating, and all other art forms.

My heart almost skipped a beat hearing melodious, soft, and very clear tune of 'ye jo desh he tera, swades hai tera' sung by A. R. Rahman.

Ye vo bandhan he jo kabhi toot nahi sakta... This line has moved me beyond the words. I realized the connection, touch, spirit, and value that this country, India has given to me as an individual and I bet those boys also felt the same.

Nothing much, just one of the INDIAN things. :)


today i buying iPhone x10 and next 2 month i sell and value iz 40% same with humanz not only dizlife...

a timez iz valuable not a human'z